Moving doesn't have to be stressful. Save time and money by calling Roxann on 0411 676 626 to find out the best way to pack, move and store your items.

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Why Choose Box Em Up?

  • We supply Packing Boxes at affordable prices, helping you save time and money
  •  Our Cardboard Boxes and Packing items are supplied from Visy and other high quality local suppliers
  • We can deliver to your door or you can pick them up
  • If you have a small business you can also save on bulk buys for your packing or wrapping items
  • Not only do we supply Cardboard Boxes. We also have a range of Packing Supplies like Butchers Paper Bubble Wrap and good quality strong Packing Tape
  • We offer a buy back once you have finished with your boxes, saving you more money as well as the environment.
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